eVelocity Integrated Security Screening Software Suite

The eVelocity Integrated Security Screening Software Suite brings innovative value-added capabilities to airport security operators with integrated, real-time operational data now available from the checkpoint.


Centralized Remote Screening

The eVelocity solution allows airports to collect and integrate real-time operational data from multi-vendor X-ray machines located in one or several terminals or even several airports in a single centralized data repository, making it now possible to implement centralized remote screening. Away from any operational distractions and using queuing services, image analysis of scanned items and alarm resolution are executed by security screeners now located in a single remote screening room.


eVelocity enables to monitor screening operations and the network and system health remotely via a portable device such as a tablet. These capabilities contribute to generate operational efficiencies and overall security screening costs reduction while facilitating preventive and corrective maintenance.

eVelocity offers even greater cabin baggage screening capabilities when used with the EU LEDS-Certified OptoScreener and  XMS Threat Detection Software Suite.

eVelocity in Action

Whether the goal is to drive greater passenger throughput or to reduce operating costs, eVelocity has the capabilities needed to ensure that the security checkpoint is operating at maximum efficiency. 

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