The eDashboard is a comprehensive remote reporting tool providing airports the operational data they need, when they need it.  

Data Views – Remote Screening.jpg


The eDashboard allows airport security managers to monitor their security checkpoint's performance and system status from any connected device (laptop, computer, tablet, etc.).


Statistical data 

The eDashboard provides statistical data on operational performance based on metrics such as:

  • Average analysis time
  • Duty cycle
  • Analysis Work Station (AWS) throughput
  • Reject rate at analysis
  • ...


third party integration

The eDashboard integrates data acquired from X-ray scanners, walk-through metal detectors, automated security lanes, and trace detectors, allowing security operators to have a clear view of their whole operations. 

Search and reporting options

The eDashboard includes a search tool and reporting options allowing airports to optimize their operations and easing the regulatory compliance process.