Long-time development and technology partner of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

ACI Europe Airport Business published their Summer Edition on June 24, 2015 featuring an article entitled 'The Schiphol Security Experience - a new benchmark for airport security' which highlights Optosecurity's involvement in the project to centralise security at AMS.

Optosecurity, a long-time development and technology partner of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, also had a key role to play and from the very outset worked alongside the airport project team and other partners on the design and delivery of the final solution.

The company’s eVelocity solution has already been deployed at 15 lanes as part of the VFilter1 project, enabling the airport to improve screener efficiency and performance, and optimise operations by reducing the number of screeners required. This is achieved by moving them away from the lanes and into a dedicated remote screening room, where they can view the X-ray images in a quieter environment.

Tim Mathews, President and Chief Operating Officer, Optosecurity, said: “By removing screening from the often noisy and busy environment of the lane itself, screeners can focus their attention on the X-ray image in front of them and make the best security decision possible. Likewise, having a dedicated team of screeners focused exclusively on the task at hand and working more efficiently means that fewer screeners are required to operate the checkpoint and cope with passenger flow.”

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